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Parenting Tips - Learn To Choose Proper Toys For Your Baby

Entering the baby store or toy store is like entering a carnival. So many toys with colorful wrappings and attract attention, making it difficult to start choosing. While traveling in a toy shop, is the moment to make an adult into a child again , but don’t forget there is a responsibility to choose the right toys for your baby or your childs.

To ensure that you are not only attracted by a pack of nice and interesting, and ends with buying the wrong toys for your baby, consider the following questions when you choose a toy for your baby :

Are this toys designed for my baby age?

Toys for Your Baby

This is the clear reason why we must choose toys that are suitable for your baby's age, your baby will appreciate and enjoy it at this time. But there are other reasons that more important, Safety. Because the determination of age suitability, is the important matter for your baby safety.

How can you know that a toy suitable for your baby's age?

One way is the age range indicated on the packaging, even though your baby may have been able to appreciate certain toys with earlier or later than average. Another way is to watch you play with these toys, is he/her interested in these toys? Does he play with these toys as they should? Toys that will really help your baby is the toys that will make your baby perfect the skills he/her has learned or promote the development of a new skill. Are the toys is too easy (which makes your baby bored), or too difficult (which causes the failure).

Is it enough to provide stimulation?

Baby gym or activity gym - toys for your baby

Your baby will be more happy if the toy is also providing stimulation that arouse the senses of vision (mirrors or hanging toys), auditory (inbox or a clown with a bell in his belly), the sense of touch (baby gym or activity gym), or sense of taste ( ring-shaped toy to bite-bite when the teeth grow, or all that safe to put into the mouth), rather than a mere toy or pretty funny. Because your baby is growing, you also want a toy that can help children learn coordination between the eyes with his hands, large and small motor control, the concept of cause and effect, recognition and matching colors and shapes, sound discrimination, relations of space, and which stimulates the development of social,language, imagination and creativity.

Is it safe?

Maybe this is the most important question, because the toys (not including bicycles, gliders, roller skates, and the like that have caused thousands of its own injury) have caused more than 100,000 injuries each year. In choosing toys for your baby, seek the following:

Strength ?

safe toys for your baby - non toxic toys

Toys are easily broken or damaged can often hurt a child.
The outer layer is safe. Make sure that the outer layer of paint or other non-toxic.
Safe construction. Toys with small parts, sharp edges, or parts that can rupture, usually not safe for babies.

Can be washed ?

Toys that can not be wash become breeding grounds for germs and this becomes a problem for babies that include any objects into the mouth.

Are the toys size is safe for your baby ?

Toys that are small enough will be swallowed by your baby(smaller than a baby's fist), or have small parts that can be removed or can rupture, can be dangerous for babies.
No rope or tape. Toys (and everything) that have a rope, yarn or ribbon, which is longer than 15 cm should not be placed near the baby because it may cause the risk of a baby trapped. Toys can be tied to cots, playground, or anywhere with a plastic rope which is not only safe, but also brightly colored and attractive to serve as its own toy .

Sounds ?

Loud noise, such as guns, airplanes, and vehicles toys, can damage the baby's hearing. So look for toys that are soft-spoken voice or music, more than toys who voiced sharp, harsh, or shrill.

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